Marketing Results

We lead buyers to great places. Through meticulous planning and tactical execution of innovative and successfully proven marketing strategies, we promote and sustain lead generation throughout the lifecycle of each Community we serve.

Sales Success

We lead multiple buyers to one great place. Our community-centric sales approach is focused on generating multiple buyers for single communities, rather than driving individual buyers to multiple communities. Our proven sales processes and team of expert professionals create an unequaled experience for Buyers.

Brokerage Operations

Capitalizing on the depth of our expertise and breadth of our experience, we put the entirety of our marketing and sales talent to work in our Brokerage Operations. We possess unequaled expertise in efficiently and successfully operating and/or managing Brokerages at any point in a Community’s lifecycle … from launch to legacy.

About Us

Legacy Real Estate Partners is a Marketing, Sales, Consulting and Brokerage Operations company providing solutions in the residential real estate industry. Our services are designed to help developer; builder and investor clients shape their vision and accomplish their goals.

We provide clients effective strategic and tactical marketing, sales and operational solutions at any phase of a community’s lifecycle.

Our community centric expertise lies in generating multiple buyers for single locations rather than single buyers for multiple locations. Representing highly desired communities and builders, our unparalleled capabilities in launching or relaunching, as well as developing and building sustainable resale models, has allowed us to market and sell nearly $4 Billion over the course of the past 15 years in a diversity of markets and economic climates.


Is your Marketing Team accountable to your Sales Goals?

The Legacy Real Estate Partners Marketing Process was designed for one purpose: achieve sales, revenue and profitability goals. Our team makes sales our number one priority, and we believe that success in sales begins with Strategic Marketing.

Our expert marketing and sales professionals work closely together to deliver the desired sales, revenue and profitability. As a result of our comprehensive process, we are able to offer a series of individual marketing services.

Learn more about our Marketing Process, contact us today.

Services Include:

  • Lead Generation
  • Direct Marketing
  • Internet Strategy
  • Target Market Review
  • Agency Review and/or Selection


Is your Sales Team successful?

Unlike standard brokerages, the Legacy Real Estate Partners community-centric approach is to drive multiple buyers to single locations, rather than single buyers to multiple locations. Our focus on understanding the community, its amenities and lifestyle it offers is what gives the Legacy Real Estate Partners team incomparable expertise in the art of community-centric selling.

As part of our strategic process, our team evaluates, recruits and trains sales teams to ensure the team is aligned with the Community, prospective Buyers and goals. More than three decades gives us the ability to offer sales specific services to quickly and effectively impact sales, revenue and profitability goals.

Our expert marketing, sales and operations professionals work closely together to deliver the desired sales, revenue and profitability. As a result of our comprehensive process, we are able to offer a series of individual services to help improve your onsite sales process and team, contact us today.

Services Include:

  • Product & Pricing Analysis
  • Competitive Analysis (includes SWOT and PEST)
  • Lead Management – Process
  • Sales Process Assessment
  • Sales Process Development
  • Sales Team Training
  • Staffing and Recruiting

Brokerage Operations

Does your current Operation perform at the optimum net income levels?

Whether we’re managing the Brokerage as part of our Integrated Management services or serving as the Broker, we work to establish the best model, incorporating our holistic approach to marketing, sales and operations, to establish a Brokerage that can achieve revenue goals.

Successful Launch of a Community is dependent on flawless introduction, sales execution and the experience for the Buyer.  We also understand launch is only the beginning.  We understand a Community’s long-term value and the revenue potential.

Learn more about our Brokerage Operations and Management services and how Legacy Real Estate Partners can assist you in achieving your sales, revenue and profitability goals, contact us today.

Services Include:

  • Sales, Operations, Development and Marketing Proformas and Budgets
  • Team Analysis
  • Staffing and Recruiting
  • Lead Management – CRM Technology
  • Resale Transition Strategy
  • Brokerage Review
  • Sales Process Development

Our Clients

Our team offers highly specialized luxury real estate consulting expertise, thanks to our portfolio which includes custom homes and home sites, semi-custom and production builder homes, and condominiums within mountain, desert and coastal locales across two continents.  Providing everything from advisory services to integrated management to complete brokerage operations, our depth of experience has led to long-term relationships and profitable results.  Here are some of the communities we have been proud to serve:

DC Ranch – Scottsdale, AZ
Eagle’s Nest – Fountain Hills, AZ
Las Campanas – Santa Fe, NM
Sierra Reserve – Scottsdale, AZ
Silverleaf – Scottsdale, AZ
Superstition Mountain – Phoenix, AZ
Talking Rock – Prescott, AZ
Verrado – Buckeye, AZ

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